Welcome Crew

futureWelcome to the blog of Nerdz-Laserie! It is our duty to promote future┬áliving one day at time. Not everyone thinks like us. In fact, a lot of people are afraid of what the future of technology beholds. We’ve had enough. We want to grow and inform everyone of the fascinating breakthroughs in technology that lie ahead.

We’ll provide you with the information and the resources to build your life. If we recommend it, then it’s worth listening to. That’s our promise to you.

Who Are We?

My name is Jack Miller and me and my partners Ivy and Jordan make up Nerdz-Laserie – a group dedicated to making the most of life. We started out with an idea to introduce the latest and greatest gadgets to the world. These are items that we’ve scavenged and reviewed.

We look at everything from everyday appliances, to gaming technology, and even automotive technology.

Let’s make this new generation an educated one!

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Taking Health To The Next Level

bikeWhen discussing how to keep healthy a variety of things come into mind. For one we suggest execising each and every day. What exercise you need to do will depend on what your goals are. If you’re looking to bulk up and gain some muscle, then one of the sites that we recommend is BodyBuilding.com. This website offers a huge arsenal of training along with the supplements needed to meet your goals.

Do we support supplementation? Absolutely. There’s only so much that you can obtain by eating a normal diet. This is why we believe that if you want to achieve the most success in building muscle, you should be supplementing your diet. Another brand┬áthat we find to be on the cutting edge of suppliments is Onnit. Onnit is a human optimization website that has many things that will interest people looking to get in good shape both mentally and physically. Onnit also offers some really badass kettle bells so be sure to check those out as well.

What about completely natural supplementation?

One good way to get all the vitamins that you need is to load up on your fruits and vegetables. Getting everything you need, however, can be a tough task especially when you put into perspective just how much spinach, kale, etc. make up a super healthy meal. So our solution to this is to juice. Juicing is the simple process of mixing all your meals into a quick and easy drink to consume. This is a great way to chug down even the foods that you absolutely hate.

What about cardio equipment?

Well, have you ever heard about the ciclotte? This is a sweet stationary bike that provides a new way to bike inside your home. It looks awesome, takes up little space, and gets the job done. You can check out ciclotte bikes on StoreCiclotte.com.


Here are a few more mentions of great places for health equipment and information:

Best Juicing Guide
Design Exercise Bikes

Be sure to check them out and get your health on!

Remember, staying focused and working out is a choice that you have to make each and every day. And having badass equipment will make the choice to work out easier!

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